Monday, October 29, 2018

Ghostwerk's Adventures at Alamo City Comic Con!

Here's something ill Samax drew; along with the people who bought it.
Such was Alamo City Comic Con. Ghostwerks artists Samax Amen and Khalid Robertson were there promoting Bigs, from Upchuck Comics. While there, Samax drew Ghost Rider hollin' out Wu-Tang for no reason at all, and this passing couple couldn't help but snatch it up!

Of course, there was also a-lot of ill cosplay at the Alamodome that day, and Khalid had the pics to prove it!
Now this is a couple who are on the same page!

Another lovely couple.

Strait out the Sand Village.

This guy actually had a mask that moved and changed when he breathed! That's next level1

Whoa! That's not the real Killmonger, is it?


The family who jokes together...

And that's just the half! Ghostwerks had a great time at ACCC and thanks Upchuck Comics for bringing us there.

Oh, and that drawing of Ghost Rider shouting out Wu-Tang? It's based on a poster Samax made called Hollow Bones. Get yours HERE!
The original Hollow Bones poster.

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