Saturday, November 27, 2010

two fresh Champion of Children posters

Hey! I just added a couple Champion of Children posters to the GhostWerks store so you can easily cop them. They're both 11x17 and available for $20 with free shipping, so click here to order them or any of the other fine stuff we have available!
Known as the Champ by samax amen
Madd Trainin' (champions) by samax.
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

GhostWerks will be at STAPLE 2011

I'm happy to report that Corance has secured a spot for us at my favorite show! STAPLE! The Independent Media Expo takes place every March in Casual City, aka Austin, TX. There's no better show for small press cats to get with the fans here in Texas, and this year, it's expanding to two days, so hopefully even more fans will be there... Last year, the show sold out before we could get a table, but this year we will be in full effect!
I have already got the Fall 2010 issue of GhettoManga Quarterly done (peep/purchase it here) and will have the Winter 2010 issue (the Luke Cage tribute) completed and available for fans as well. I'm working on all manner of other sweet junk to have ready for he show, so stay tuned! for more info about STAPLE! click here!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

God Hour #3

Thought I'd introduce another character from God Body who will play a huge part in the story.

His name is Tyde Cantu. A veteran of the American military, he now works for Pure E.T. Inc. He joined the organization to, as he put it, "fight the good fight". Upon leaving the military, Cantu was offered lucrative professional positions in many organization, including the top military contractor in the world, AoG. However, though he wanted to be back on the field of combat, Cantu didn't want to simply fight to make money for rich people. He wanted to help people. He saw Pure E.T. Inc. as fulfilling that purpose.

Cantu pilots the Armada. This machine is heavily armored, and heavily armed, and was custom built for Cantu by Pure E.T. One of it's principle weapons is the shot-gun affectionately know as "God Bodier". Accurate within 3 cm from up to 12 miles, this gun fires bullets designed to pierce any body armor or force field known.

Both character and mech designed by Gilbert Colomo and Corance Davis. Above sketches by Gilbert Colomo.