Saturday, November 27, 2010

two fresh Champion of Children posters

Hey! I just added a couple Champion of Children posters to the GhostWerks store so you can easily cop them. They're both 11x17 and available for $20 with free shipping, so click here to order them or any of the other fine stuff we have available!
Known as the Champ by samax amen
Madd Trainin' (champions) by samax.
to order click here

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

GhostWerks will be at STAPLE 2011

I'm happy to report that Corance has secured a spot for us at my favorite show! STAPLE! The Independent Media Expo takes place every March in Casual City, aka Austin, TX. There's no better show for small press cats to get with the fans here in Texas, and this year, it's expanding to two days, so hopefully even more fans will be there... Last year, the show sold out before we could get a table, but this year we will be in full effect!
I have already got the Fall 2010 issue of GhettoManga Quarterly done (peep/purchase it here) and will have the Winter 2010 issue (the Luke Cage tribute) completed and available for fans as well. I'm working on all manner of other sweet junk to have ready for he show, so stay tuned! for more info about STAPLE! click here!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

God Hour #3

Thought I'd introduce another character from God Body who will play a huge part in the story.

His name is Tyde Cantu. A veteran of the American military, he now works for Pure E.T. Inc. He joined the organization to, as he put it, "fight the good fight". Upon leaving the military, Cantu was offered lucrative professional positions in many organization, including the top military contractor in the world, AoG. However, though he wanted to be back on the field of combat, Cantu didn't want to simply fight to make money for rich people. He wanted to help people. He saw Pure E.T. Inc. as fulfilling that purpose.

Cantu pilots the Armada. This machine is heavily armored, and heavily armed, and was custom built for Cantu by Pure E.T. One of it's principle weapons is the shot-gun affectionately know as "God Bodier". Accurate within 3 cm from up to 12 miles, this gun fires bullets designed to pierce any body armor or force field known.

Both character and mech designed by Gilbert Colomo and Corance Davis. Above sketches by Gilbert Colomo.

Friday, October 29, 2010

The God Hour #2

Welcome to another update on my forthcoming giant robot comic, God Body. In the previous installment, we met Pure Goode, the star of the book.

Pure Goode has a brother.

His name's Booker.

He believes in power. Booker came to Earth from Mars as a child when Mars was rendered uninhabitable by the Reptilian Wars. His sister and grandmother were his only surviving relatives.

Booker quickly became popular in his new neighborhood for his engineering and mechanical expertise. He would fix neighbors' cars, houses and even designed and built little household inventions. It felt so good to build cool stuff that he kept building bigger and bigger stuff.

Eventually he was noticed and recruited by a government program that was secretly working on weaponized robotics. Booker took to the program greatly, and upon graduation at age 17, he went on to build a battlefield security and technology development company called AoG(Armor of God) that is now one of the largest and most dynamic military contractors for the U.S.

We get a glimpse of his God Body in the above sketch, but we'll save a full viewing for later. Booker will be one of the main antagonists of the book. Hope you enjoyed the update.

More to come...

Monday, October 18, 2010

It's the God Hour

It's been a while, but as promised, I have an update on the new giant robot comic I'm putting together. The working title is God Body, and I hope to have issues on this site in early 2011. Right now I'm in what you'd call pre-production mode. This includes mech and character designs, which I'm working on with Gilbert Colomo, a great artist from here in Dallas.

This first pick is of the principal God Body, code named Sparrow. At 300ft tall, it is equipped with a single ranged weapon (gun) which fires conventional ammo, and 2 short swords for close combat and is nuclear powered. It's luxurious design is due to it's being a showcase model, meant to attract investors to PureE.T., the company which produced it.

And now we meet the owner of Pure E.T. Inc. and pilot of God Body Sparrow:

Her name is Pure Goode (pronounced gude), and at 24, is the worlds foremost engineer in giant robot technology. She's also something of a bleeding heart liberal. Her company, PureE.T., while maintaining many military contracts, also does non profit(and some for profit) work to bring industrial and social robotics applications to under served parts of the world. This differentiates her significantly from her brother, but we'll get to him later.

I've got lots more to show you. I'll try to keep these updates
weekly. Lots more sketches, profiles, I'll even see if I can get some commentary from Gilbert Colomo on his thoughts on the creation of the different concepts.

If anyone has comments or questions, holla at me, and I'll holla back. Also, once the groundwork is done, I'll need an artist to draw the actual comic. Gilbert will probably stay on to provide further mech designs, covers, etc., but won't be able to do the comic itself. So if any artists are interested in drawing giant robots fighting each other, let me know!

Friday, August 27, 2010

GhostWerks VS Lung Cancer ... FIGHT!

In addition to doing Dallas Comicon, the mighty GhostWerks crew will be in full effect at the H4 (Hip Hop Helps Heal) Lung Cancer Benefit Show. We'll be doing some live art stuff and have some prints, comics and other stuff to sell, benefitting the American Lung Association, so come get down with some live hip hop and art for a good cause!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dallas Comicon

So, my computer couldn't handle the file sizes, so I don't have any updates from my giant robot series, other than it's now called "God Body" (thanks Samax). But, I will have a little somthin' somthin' at Dallas ComiCon this weekend. So come holla at me. My man Samax will be there, plus there might be some unexpected guests. This Saturday & Sunday, Richardson Civic Center. Recognize!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

See you @ DWEX!!!

Indeed, as well as thought, I shall be appearing at the Dallas Web Comix Convention this Saturday at the Southfork Hotel from 11am-6pm. And yes, Samax will be there too (actually, he's the featured guest, I'm just there to assist). Last year's DWEX was great fun, so I expect the same this year.
Here's the info:

So come holla!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cordially Invited!!!

So, as 1/5 of the mighty Ghostwerks crew, I was invited to start posting here. So I shall. And, one of the things I'll be doing here is production blogs for some of my upcoming projects, not the least of which is the new giant robot comic I'm putting together.
The working title of the giant robot comic is "Armor of God", but that might change. The dynamic Gilbert Colomo has been brought in for mech and character designs, and he's been killing it, so far (more on that next time)!
I'm also in talks with a couple of well-known DFW area artists to do some stories from the martial-arts based Sparrow universe.
A-lot of my fans, along w/my esteemed colleagues in the industry, have been asking when I would hit the street with that fire again. And so, I have returned, at the turn of the tide.
Look for more updates at the end of the week.
Corance Davis
"The guy who invented the first wheel was an idiot. The guy who invented the other three, he was a genius." ~Sid Caesar

Sunday, August 1, 2010

And FINALLY, when you get a chance...

Go check out my book!

It's full of sketches and fliers I did and should have done.


You can also get a copy here:

WE ARE 1976.

A good place with a lot of nifty stuff!

Beats, Rhymes and Life

SP?...What is that !?

In the Lab

So yeah, as my man Samax says: "It's been a long time...". We're finally starting to wipe the dust off and bring it back. New stuff is in production. Some you know, some you don't. In due time. Until then, check the designs and art and keep a look out!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pardon the Dust...

People keep asking for this, so here it is! A centralized headquarters for the mighty GhostWerks crew! Now we are open, but still under construction... so hopefully, we'll fill it up with STUFF! Corance and I definitely have some shows this summer, and books and other crap for you to buy if you're so inclined! Hopefully we can all get some stuff going!
At any rate, expect this space to get fixed up nice... til then, check the blog roll on the sidebar, where you can find us separately.
stay tuned...

To Leak, or not to Leak...

People would probably buy my magazines and comics more if I didn't show them so much of it free on the internet, but I figure, if the knowledge that you can get never-before-printed comics from Josh Boulet (The Wrong Night in Texas, The Green Reefer) and Brock Rizy (Emily Edison, Catbear Traffic Control) PLUS an 8 page preview of Felipe Smith's ground-breaking culture clash manga Peepo Choo (printed in the back of the issue, so's you can read it right-to-left like he intended, of course) doesn't get you to buy the summer issue of GhettoManga Quarterly, then letting you peek at this page of Manchild: Birthday Boy I finished yesterday won't make much difference, either...