Friday, June 10, 2011

Interview with Rasheed Hines, artist for God Body: Senseless Acts of Savagery

Here's a short interview I did with the talented Rasheed Hines. I thought it would be cool for the fans out there to learn a bit about him.

  • For those who don't know Rasheed Hines; Who are you, where are you from, and how'd you come up?
  • I'm a native of stamford CT, and I grew up on anime and other cartoons.

  • I see a lot of variety in the comics found on your web site. Do you have a favorite genre, character type or theme that you enjoy making comics about?
  • I like stories about martial arts the most, but that theme, like any other, is just a vehicle to teach a tale of morality.
  • seems like space opera chaos. And it's in color! There appears to be a war between the Sun kingdom and the Jovian planets. How did the earthling Maia get involved, and where does Max himself fit in?
  • the story of meteor max takes place in the distant future and the girl Maia is a priestess who represents the earth, at this point in time, which is just another planet in the solar system with life. Meteor Max himself was born from a meteorite and is a former freelance space pirate.
  • Let's talk about Maya Zulu. With Maya Zulu you've got a great action-comedy going. Where are you going with this concept?
  • Maya Zulu has a distinct beginning and middle. I even know exactly how it's going to end, something I completed ten years ago.
  • What inspired Maya's character?
  • I used to draw sonic the hedgehog comics years ago and part of her design evolved from an oc sonic character, and the rest I saw in a dream.

  • When are we gonna find out what's in that space-ship on page 9?
  • unfortunately, probably not in this issue or the next, but it's definitely coming up.

  • Monster Hunter is easily the longest work work you have out right now. The star of the story, Tero, being the third act of human evolution, do his people consider themselves human, or nocturnan/monsters?
  • the majority consider themselves better than both, tho they stem from a common ancestor.
  • What kind of damage can Kalina do? She's one of the coolest villains I've seen.
  • thank you. she's a witch, so she uses magic.
  • Personally, Yukito Kishiro is a huge influence on how I write comics. Am I right that Akira Toriyama is a big influence on your art? What's your experience with his work?
  • I have all of Kishiro's original GUNNM (battle angel) and all of Toriyama's dragonball (original series). both their works as well as Rumiko Takahashi's have inspired me.
  • You fit in that exclusive category of writer/artist. There are those like Kyle Baker who are artists who can write, and those like Frank Miller who are writers who can draw; which, if either do you consider yourself and what are your ambitions in that direction?
  • Ah, the "Wartist" I just liked to tell stories when I was young, and comics is one of the cheapest ways to accomplish this, as well as being very generous to the audience. my aspirations have not changed since I was 6, where I drew my first comic about the Akari Warriors, from the old NES game.

To see more from Rasheed, visit his web page: Rasheed Hines

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