Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Help get the Champ collection Kickstarted!!!

That's right, we now have a Kickstarter page to help fund Champion of Children vol. 1: I'm Known as the Champ, our 1st collection of Champ material. See the page now!

If you'd like to help, hop over to the Kickstarter page, choose your level, and donate. I know a-lot of you have been waiting for more Champ stuff. Well, this is it. CoC vol 1 will collect the previously published stories, along with a brand new story called "Blaze" starring Lil' Madd Skillz' homeboy, Burner!
Burner Age: 5, Occupation: Superhero
This success of this collection will also pave the way for future comics from the Champ universe. And remember, if we don't make our goal, we get nothin'! And who wants that? So please help us out, and make sure to tell your friends...THE CHAMP IS HERE!!!

And don't forget; coming in August from Ghostwerks comics:

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