Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Old 52

I have no wish to be negative, or pile on DC, but I read an article on Comics Alliance that really resonated with me.
More powerful than a company-wide crossover...

I'm, overall, very disappointed in DC's New 52.
The new perma-flexed 52.
I thought it was a chance to turn it all around; break new ground, freshen up stale characters and situations, maybe even try new publishing models. But, all they did was turn into Marvel in the 90's.

I have to admit, there are bright spots: Batman (which was ruined when the Court of Owls story-line was turned into a mega-crossover), Batman & Robin, Action Comics, and a few others.
This guy was pretty good, too. For a while, at least.
 But, mostly, it was just a "Dear John" letter DC wrote directly to me.

From the confusing Bat-continuity to the "Static" fiasco. It seems like their editorial choices caused more problems than they solved. And, of course, Marvel ain't perfect. They suffer from the same symptoms, but the New 52 is particularly emblematic of problems with the comics industry in the last few years.
Really? In 5 years? Really?
Can they clean it up? Is it worth their time to do so? Does it even matter to a new generation of readers?
This is me. That laser is the New 52. The severed arm is...uh...well, you know what I'm gettin' at!
I'll give it some thought. Mean time, click Sad Superman to read the article by Andrew Wheeler that got me a thinkin' in the first place.

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