Friday, October 29, 2010

The God Hour #2

Welcome to another update on my forthcoming giant robot comic, God Body. In the previous installment, we met Pure Goode, the star of the book.

Pure Goode has a brother.

His name's Booker.

He believes in power. Booker came to Earth from Mars as a child when Mars was rendered uninhabitable by the Reptilian Wars. His sister and grandmother were his only surviving relatives.

Booker quickly became popular in his new neighborhood for his engineering and mechanical expertise. He would fix neighbors' cars, houses and even designed and built little household inventions. It felt so good to build cool stuff that he kept building bigger and bigger stuff.

Eventually he was noticed and recruited by a government program that was secretly working on weaponized robotics. Booker took to the program greatly, and upon graduation at age 17, he went on to build a battlefield security and technology development company called AoG(Armor of God) that is now one of the largest and most dynamic military contractors for the U.S.

We get a glimpse of his God Body in the above sketch, but we'll save a full viewing for later. Booker will be one of the main antagonists of the book. Hope you enjoyed the update.

More to come...

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