Monday, October 18, 2010

It's the God Hour

It's been a while, but as promised, I have an update on the new giant robot comic I'm putting together. The working title is God Body, and I hope to have issues on this site in early 2011. Right now I'm in what you'd call pre-production mode. This includes mech and character designs, which I'm working on with Gilbert Colomo, a great artist from here in Dallas.

This first pick is of the principal God Body, code named Sparrow. At 300ft tall, it is equipped with a single ranged weapon (gun) which fires conventional ammo, and 2 short swords for close combat and is nuclear powered. It's luxurious design is due to it's being a showcase model, meant to attract investors to PureE.T., the company which produced it.

And now we meet the owner of Pure E.T. Inc. and pilot of God Body Sparrow:

Her name is Pure Goode (pronounced gude), and at 24, is the worlds foremost engineer in giant robot technology. She's also something of a bleeding heart liberal. Her company, PureE.T., while maintaining many military contracts, also does non profit(and some for profit) work to bring industrial and social robotics applications to under served parts of the world. This differentiates her significantly from her brother, but we'll get to him later.

I've got lots more to show you. I'll try to keep these updates
weekly. Lots more sketches, profiles, I'll even see if I can get some commentary from Gilbert Colomo on his thoughts on the creation of the different concepts.

If anyone has comments or questions, holla at me, and I'll holla back. Also, once the groundwork is done, I'll need an artist to draw the actual comic. Gilbert will probably stay on to provide further mech designs, covers, etc., but won't be able to do the comic itself. So if any artists are interested in drawing giant robots fighting each other, let me know!

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