Friday, October 4, 2013

Kung-Fu Love

So apparently there's this crew called Studio 4°C who have mad skillz. In an obvious bid to prove as much, they released a short called Kung-Fu Love.

Originally it was a pitch for a series, but was rejected(too bad). It stars Hanako Kichijoji who is a kung-fu master and who's hair seems to form a yin-yang symbol. Not sure if that's natural or a dye job. Her boyfreind, Ichimonji, declairs to her, "Even if you become the enemy of the world, I will be your ally." And so, 2 seconds later, guess what happens!

See for yourself: 

That's what's up. As it is, Kung-Fu Love was packaged as part of a series of shorts called "Amazing Nuts".

Here's a higher res video of "Kung-Fu Love", but, warning: it has no English subtitles.