Sunday, November 3, 2013

Raise yo' fight game!

This is to all those who write action comics, movies, etc. in America. It's time to step our game up.

Because, this...

Mmm, hmm. She threw missiles at her.

Not to mention, a fem-centric cast.

Electric powers vs. laser powers=AWSOME!!!

That's right. An hour and a half of anime. Three little episodes, and our backs are against the wall.

But, I know what you're thinking: "That's an animation. That's not fair. How can american comics keep up with that? Well then, what's this?

That happened in 2003. They've been ahead of us for years.

Or have they?

Let's ask this guy:
Yeah, that's right. If we can innovate like that in the 80's, we can innovate now. Cyclops bouncing his optic blasts off stuff, the fast ball special,
...and this:
Yeah, that happened.

Special shout to those such as Raphael Grampa, Brandon Graham, Shawna Mills, and others who are ready and willing to heed the call.

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